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Shinbery's Community Pharmacy: Compounding
The science of creating customized medication for patients is Pharmacy Compounding. Since the dawn of pharmacy, pharmacists have been compounding medications for their patients, and like every science, over time, Pharmacy Compounding has evolved. Nearly 60% of all medications were compounded in the 1940's, but as drug manufacturing became more prevalent in the 1960's, compounding began to slowly decline. The role of a pharmacist changed from a preparer of medication to a dispenser of manufactured medications. However, over the last few decades, due to innovative new technologies and techniques, Pharmacy Compounding has come back to the forefront of the industry. Some pharmacists, if they are able to meet the rigorous government standards set forth for compounding pharmacies, are once again compounding medications to meet the specific needs of a patient. Today at least 1% of all medications dispensed are compounded by pharmacists.

You may wonder what the benefits are to the patient to have their medication compounded. There are many patients that are sensitive to a drug's strength or are allergic to the dyes or preservatives contained within certain medications, with a prescription from their physician, a compounding pharmacist can alter the dosage form of a medication using a variety of delivery systems to make it easier for the patient to ingest, can change the strength of a medication and even add an array of different flavors to make the medication taste better. Some of the delivery systems a pharmacist may use are lozenges, lollipops, sublingual troches, transdermal creams and gels, suspensions, liquids, capsules and suppositories to name a few.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of compounding pharmacies, but the patients who benefit the most are the elderly and children. Medicating some children can seem like an impossible task due to the taste or dosage form of a medication. At Shinabery's Community Pharmacy, our pharmacists can work directly with your physician to find a flavor and dosage form that will make giving your child their medication a breeze. For example, we can select your child favorite flavor and compound your child's medication into a lollipop using that particular flavor!

Shinabery's Community Pharmacy also can help those patients who are dealing with daily chronic pain. For instance, if a patient with arthritis cannot take a medication due to gastrointestinal side effects, Shinabery's can compound their medication into a dosage form that is easier for them to use, such as a topical cream or gel that contains their medication. Also, in Hospice Care, compounded prescriptions are often used for pain management.

Another benefit of pharmaceutical compounding is when patients are taking more than one pill a day, Shinabery's Compounding Pharmacists can compound one medication that contains all of your needed prescriptions in the dosage form that works best for you. Whether it be capsules, tablets, solutions, suspension liquids, suppositories, topical creams, enemas, lozenges, gels, nasal sprays, lip balms, ointments or a variety of other available dosage forms, Shinabery's will work with you and your physician to make taking your medication each day so much easier.

If you are having problems or complications due to your medication, Shinabery's Community Pharmacy may be able to help. Our highly-trained pharmacists and technicians have years of experience preparing customized prescriptions for people throughout the region.

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"I went to see Lee Shinabery for Hormone Replacement Therapy, and I have to admit, at first I was a little skeptical. That was three months ago and I have never felt better in my life. The care I received was nothing short of incredible. I have a new lease on life and I owe it all to the good people at Shinabery's Community Pharmacy!"
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