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Clinical Trials
Shinabery's Community Pharmacy has extensive experience in the preparation of medications for pharmaceutical clinical trials. We have worked with many universities, clinical investigators and pharmaceutical companies to help produce study medications.

Based upon the scale of the study being done, the scope of a clinical study preparation could be as little as a few hundred units to up to thousands of units. Normally, preparing even the smallest amount of medication during a drug trial at its beginning stages are very expensive to produce. Due to our state of the art facility, Shinabery's can prepare the study medications during the early phases of a Phase I and Phase II Trials rapidly and accurately, which saves the manufacturers and study coordinators quite a bit of money.

Types of study medications available

Through the years, Shinabery's Community Pharmacy has prepared medications in a wide array of dosage forms, such as nasal sprays, topical sprays, capsules, suppositories, sterile injections, sterile preservative-free eye drops, transdermal creams / gels and sub-lingual drops. These are a some of the typical forms we have compounded, however, depending on the medication, we can create another form that meets your specific needs in terms of delivery.

During a drug trial, Shinabery's prepares custom compound medication forms using either the active dosage form or a placebo dosage form. We provide these medications to the patient in a patient trial kit which contains all the necessary and required documentation. During a Blinded Trial, both the study medication and placebo are labeled accordingly for the study coordinator to use as a key reference.