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Flavoring a medication to the taste of a patient is one of the many popular services offered today at Shinabery's Compounding Pharmacy. Whether you want Banana flavoring added to your child's medication or liver flavoring added to your dog's medication, Shinabery's can make taking medication an enjoyable experience by adding just a touch of flavoring. Plus, just as there is a variety of your favorite flavors to choose from, based upon the medication, you can also choose your preferred dosage form. Shinabery's Compounding Pharmacy can prepare flavored suspensions, medicated lollipops, medicated lozenges, solutions, lip balms, oral troches and oral sprays. The various dosage forms that can be flavored include solutions, suspensions, medicated lollipops, medicated lozenges, oral sprays, oral troches, and lip balms. The days of suffering from a bitter aftertaste or having to practically beg your child to take their medicine are over. If your child refuses to swallow a tablet, Shinabery's can crush up the medication and make a suspension using your child's favorite flavor. To see a list of the different flavors we offer, please click on the links below or to the right, or for more information about flavoring, contact one of our Pharmaceutical Professionals today at 870-933-6939.

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