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Delivery Systems

Unlike most adults, children can become quite fearful when it come to taking medication, so for the children, Shinabery's compounds sugar-free, fruit flavored lollipops. These lollipops are an excellent way to administer medications to children, as well as those adults who are incapable of swallowing pills. This works especially well for both adults and children for oral post-operative pain management and as an oral anesthetic for a sore throat.


Suspensions are oral liquids that Shinabery's can be sweeten either naturally or artificially (sugar, stevia, aspartame). They can also be flavored to a patient's preference. Suspension work great for pediatric dosing in infants and children, adults incapable of swallowing pills and also for use in GI feeding tubes.

Press In Bottle Adapters

Measuring has never been easier! These adapters make measuring accurate and they also prevent the messy spillage that is associated with conventional and over-the-counter dosing tools. They come in an assortment of different sizes, tightly screwing on to the medication bottle with a flip-top cap which is custom fit to oral dosing syringes. The syringes are also available in assorted sizes.

Creams and Ointments

These transdermal or vaginal applications deliver a variety of medications to a patient, such as hormones, antibiotics and steroids. Once Shinabery's prepares a cream or ointment, it is run through our ointment mill. This ensures the powdered drug is completely pulverized to prevent any grittiness to the texture, guaranteeing that your cream or ointment will be smooth and silky.


Sterile preparations are available in solutions and ointments for patient dispensing, clinical use, surgeries and procedures.


We offer Pediatric and Adult Rectal Suppositories and Vaginal Suppositories in a variety of bases. This form is ideal for infants and children, as well as hospice care.


Medication powders can be mixed with effervescent bases or flavored. They can later be measured orally administered by dissolving in water, juice or applesauce. Powders can also be placed directly on a wound, like a diabetic ulcer, with the use of an insufflator so as to avoid adding unnecessary moisture to the area.


Solutions are used most commonly for topical use as they are aqueous based, however oral solutions can be used in place of suspensions depending on the nature of the drug that is being compounded. Bottles for dispensing come in various sizes with specialized closures (nasal spray tips, enema tips, pump dispensers and throat or topical spray tips). Depending upon the delivery need of the patient, flip top caps, roll-on applicators and many more types are also available.

Sterile Injectables

Sterile Injectables are prepared in Shinabery's Community Pharmacy's ISO 6 Cleanroom by our certified technicians and pharmacists. We offer a variety of different size vials in a clear or amber color. We also offer color coded tops, unit dosed syringes and IV bags.

Powder and Oil Capsules

These capsules are made custom to order. Powder and Oil Capsules are both available in clear gelatin, vegetarian, or color coded capsules and, depending on the amount of drug required, also come in a variety of sizes. All the capsules at Shinabery's are thoroughly quality-control tested to ensure accurate weight and even drug distribution. For patients with specials needs like dye-free and lactose free, we have various fillers that are available upon request. We also have many sustained release bases to prolong the metabolization of the medication.


Transdermal creams, ointments, lotions, solutions and gels are available at Shinabery's Community Pharmacy. These offer patients an effective delivery of many medications and can be dispensed using a variety of mediums, such as tubes, jars, roll on applicators, syringes and boston round bottles.


When you need to adjust dosing, these gelatin based sublingual squares can easily be cut into halves or fourths. They can be flavored to each patient's preference and are artificially sweetened. Plus, they easily dissolve under a patient's tongue in less than a couple of minutes. Troches are ideal for children or those patients that cannot swallow capsules or tablets.